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Chenghua Imperial Yellow Saucer

Chenghua Imperial Yellow Saucer

Image © Dominic Jellinek
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Chenghua yellow dish, view of base. Note: This is not the Eumorfopoulos dish, so the three drilled marks may not be seen. There is no photograph of that dish. This example is almost identical. The dish illustrated was purchased by Bluett from the dealer L. Wannieck in Paris, 9th November 1928, 6.10, and sold to F. Howard Paget, 18th December 1928, 12.10. After Paget's death it was sold by Bluett's to Brodie Lodge, 14th February 1946, 45. At the sale of part of the Enid and Brodie Lodge Collection, Sotheby's 10th December 1968, it was bought by Bluetts for the American Collector Dr William Corbin, for 1,700. The photograph was used in TOCS vol.24, 1948-49, pl.20c.

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