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Ceramic bowls from the Lindsey F. Hay Collection

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Ceramic bowls from the Lindsey F. Hay Collection

Image © Dominic Jellinek
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Three Chenghua Palace bowls from the Collection of Major Lindsay F. Hay. From Sotheby's catalogue dated 25th June 1946. Details of sale as follows:-
Lot 53. Bought by Peter Boode, 150.
Lot 54. Bought by Bluett, 115. Sold to R.E.R. Luff, 26th June 1946, 132.5. Sold at Sotheby's sale of part of the Luff Collection, 26th June 1973, lot 24, 130,000, Bluett for Kochukyo.
Lot 55. Bought by Bluett, 112, for L.H. Goris. Sold by Sotheby's, June 30th 1964, property of L.H. Goris, lot 48, 4,800 for Kochukyo.

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