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Examples of jade objects

Examples of jade objects

Image © Dominic Jellinek
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Advertisement for Wong Jades Exhibition. Advertisement in the Burlington Magazine, May 1930. Of the items illustrated sale details as follows:-
Top left, jade disc: no.34, sold to Mrs Edward S. Harkness, 3rd June 1930, 800.
Top right, jade incomplete ring: no.83, sold to Messrs. Yamanaka, 3rd June 1930, 35.
Bottom left, jade tube (Ts'ung): no.44, sold to Alfred Clark, 3rd June 1930, 70.
Bottom centre, jade disc: no.23, sold to Ready Money, 22nd April 1942, for 250. Offered at 800 in 1930.
Bottom right, jade square shaped vase of bronze form: no.451, sold to Guy Ridpath, 14th June 1930, 250.

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