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Bronze ritual vessel

Additional Image: Dealer label

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Dealer label

Image © Department of History of Art, University of Glasgow
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Gui or food vessel in bronze. Made in China, 1st phase, Shang Yin Dynasty.

h: 5 3/8 in; w across handles: 11 1/4 in; diam mouth: 7 3/4 in

Said to be from Loyang; Bluett & Sons, dealer; from whom purchased by Sir William Burrell, 4 November 1943, for £140; by whom gifted to the Corporation of the City of Glasgow, 1944.

Manuscript sources
Bluett & Sons, Sales Day Book 18/142, 21 October 1943, commission ref. DP133: ‘Bronze Ku’
Sir William Burrell, Purchase Book 1943 p.68: ‘A shallow two handled bronze vessel for cereals (kuei). The handles formed as monster heads; the body with a central band of t'ao t'ieh design between an upper and a lower band of horizontal dragons. Glossy grey-green patination with some malachite encrustation. First Stylistic Phase 1766BC to c.950BC. From Loyang (Honan). Height 5 1/4" x 11 1/4"’.

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Bronze ritual vessel (main image)
Bronze ritual vessel (main image)

8_4, bronzes, gui

Dealer, Bluett & Sons

Said to be from Loyang (Honan)

Sold by Bluett & Sons 1943.

Shang, c.1700-1027 BC

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