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Wood figure

Wood figure

Image © Glasgow City Council (Museums)
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Wood carving of Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy seated in the pose known as 'Rajalilasana'. Made in China, 12th century, Song Dynasty.

h: 4 ft 2 in

W. Weinberg, dealer; from whom purchased by John Sparks Ltd., March-April 1947; from whom purchased by Sir William Burrell, 21 May 1947, £400; by whom gifted to the Corporation of the City of Glasgow, 1947.

Manuscript sources
John Sparks Ltd., Stock Book 1947, p.457, March-April 1947, stock no.10886: 'Large wooden carving of a seated Kwan-Yin, early Ming', bought from W. Weinberg; Day Book 1947 p.28, 21 May 1947: 'Very fine early wooden figure of Kwan-yin, Goddess of Mercy, with her right arm resting on her raised knee, wearing diadem and lacquered in green, red, pink and gold. Sung'.
Sir William Burrell, Purchase Book 1947, p.67: ‘A very fine seated wood figure of Kwan Yin, goddess of mercy, with her right knee raised, wearing a rosary and diadem; on rocky base with green, red, pink and gold pigments. Sung Dynasty 960-1280AD. 4ft 2 inches high’.

50_59, figure of Kuan Yin, polychrome, wood

Dealer, John Sparks Ltd
Dealer, W. Weinberger

Sold by John Sparks Ltd 1947.

Northern Song, 960-1126
Southern Song, 1127-1279

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From Collector To Connoisseur: Sir William Burrell and Chinese Art, 1911-57, by Nick Pearce

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