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Ceramic model

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Ceramic model

Image © Department of History of Art, University of Glasgow
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Earthenware model of a granary. From Ling Pao Hahein, near Shensi, China, Han Dynasty, 1st century BC to 1st century AD.

h: 37 1/2 in; h: 95.2 cm

Said to have been excavated at Ling Pao Hahsin in Honan near Shensi and Shensi border; John Sparks; from whom purchased by Sir William Burrell, 27 June 1945, £180; by whom gifted to the Corporation of the City of Glasgow, 1945.

Manuscript sources
Sir William Burrell, Purchase Book 1945, p.38: ĎAn early excavated pottery model of a granary, made in three parts with figures of men with sacks climbing up and down the stairway. Has fine irridescent green glaze. Excavated at Ling Pao Hahein in Honan near Shensi and Shensi border. Height 48 inches. Han Dynasty 206BC-220ADí.

38_98, ceramics, earthenware, granaries, granary models

Dealer, John Sparks Ltd

Said to be excavated at "Ling Pao Hahsin in Honan near Shensi and Shensi border"

Sold by John Sparks Ltd 1945.

Han, 206 BC-AD 220

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