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Searching for Images

The CARP website is an image database and to access almost all of the content you will need to use the search page. You can search the images by 'what', 'who', 'where', 'when' and 'period':

What: Type in one or more words relating to materials, concepts, types of objects etc.
You can use 'and' and 'or' to search for more than one 'what' word at once. Joining words with 'and' will only bring back images that include both the words you enter. Joining words with 'or' will bring back images that include either word.

Who: Select a person or auction house from the drop-down list.

Where: Select a place from the drop-down list.

When: This field is for the provenance of an item only. This means the dates will generally be from the 20th century. You can enter a single year or a range of years (e.g. 1900-1910).

Period: The drop-down list of periods is a complete list of periods from the earliest times up to the present. The main periods are listed in capital letters. Not all periods will have images in them.

You can combine any of the five different search types to construct a search. The more you fill in the narrower your search will be. Once you have constructed a search click the 'Search' button to see the results.

Search Results

Images returned by a Search are displayed 12 per page. If there are more than 12 images returned you can navigate through the search results pages by using the 'Next' and 'Previous' links.
If you find an image you would like to see more about click on the image or its title and the image page will load.

The Image Page

Every image has its own page which features a larger version of the image, plus textual information such as a caption and a complete list of keywords used. If you have registered with CARP you will also be able to see an even larger version of the image.
Some image pages have additional images of the item in question. If this is the case you can click on the additional image to see a larger version of it.
Some images may also be linked to other images, and if so these will be listed. If an image has been used to illustrate an essay the essay title will also be displayed.

The Photo Album

Every page on the CARP website has a Photo Album section down the left-hand side. Every image page has a button at the top labelled Add to you photo album. If you click on this button you will notice that the number of images in your album will have increased, and the 'Add' button will have changed to a 'Remove' button.
You can use the photo album to keep track of the images in which you are particularly interested. If you have added an image to your album you can always get back to it by clicking on the 'View Album' link. So no matter where you are on the site you can always return to the images you are interested in.
The 'Photo Album' page displays the thumbnail images and titles of all of the images you have in your album. To get back to a particular image's page all you need to do it click on the image or its title.

Viewing Essays

As well as featuring images CARP also contains a selection of essays written by Art Historians. Click on the View Essays link to see a list of the currently available essays. Click on an essay's title to load the essay. If the essay has been illustrated with images you can click on an image to see the image's page.

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