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6 essays available on the CARP website.
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John Sparks, Sea Captain And Dealer In Japanese And Chinese Art, by Nick Pearce (Uploaded on 04/06/2013)
Bluett Essay By Dominic Jellinek, by Nick Pearce (Uploaded on 30/06/2005)
Bluett Essay (Part 2) By Dominic Jellinek, by Nick Pearce (Uploaded on 29/06/2005)
Sir William Burrell, by Nick Pearce (Uploaded on 08/10/2004)
From Collector To Connoisseur: Sir William Burrell And Chinese Art, 1911-57, by Nick Pearce (Uploaded on 06/10/2004)
Ton-Ying & Co., by Nick Pearce (Uploaded on 01/10/2004)

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