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Duveen Bros

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 Duveen Bros

Image © Department of History of Art, University of Glasgow
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Founded by Henry Duveen (1854-1919) and his brother 21 Old Bond Street
S.N. Behrman, Duveen, 1952, p.64: Established 1879 as dealers in furniture and objects of virtu. The family were from Meppel in Holland. Partners were Joseph Joel (1843-1908) of Oxford Street & Henry of Maiden Lane & USA.
Joseph Joel’s sons: Joseph (1869-1939, President of the firm 1909-39, later Lord Duveen of Millbank), Charles (paid £5000 a year by Joseph not to use his last name professionally. He was in the decorating business and used pseudonym Charles of London/C.J. Charles), John, Louis, Edward Joseph, Benjamin, Henry, Ernest.
Sir Joseph was James Henry Duveen’s cousin (or uncle, acc to William Johnston in William and Henry Waters, the reticent collectors, John Hopkins)
Getty Research Library lists records from 1876 cf above.

Dealer, Duveen Bros.

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